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What does the freelance landscape look like in 2022? What skills are in-demand, and what will it take to succeed as a freelancer? 

When starting out as a freelancer, it's vital to be realistic about the work you're capable of. To be successful, you need to choose the right skill and market yourself in the right way. 

Many people choose to freelance in fields with some experience or expertise. If you're starting out, don't be discouraged – there are plenty of opportunities for freelancers who are willing to learn new skill sets.

This blog post will explore the most in-demand freelance skills for 2022. We'll also discuss what it takes to become a successful freelancer and how you can get started today.

So, if you're thinking about making the jump to freelancing, or simply want to stay ahead of the curve, read on.

Web Design and Development

As companies place a greater emphasis on their online services, their websites must be more helpful, including buttons, pop-ups, shopping carts, and other features. Most firms outsource their website development since coding is a specialised skill that takes time to master. Businesses will demand competence if they want to compete in their markets online. Thus, having such a skill will make you highly valuable. As more and more businesses move online, the demand for web designers and developers continues to grow.

If you're a web designer or developer, now is a great time to start freelancing. The market is booming, and there are plenty of opportunities for talented designers and developers.

Social Media Marketing

Developing engaging content that will connect a target audience is fundamental to social media management. Because social media is so popular now, many businesses find it valuable to optimize content to produce more traffic and learn how to use marketing analytics tools to track social media traffic. 


Copywriters create valuable content for websites, digital articles, print media, and even advertisement material on the packaging. Some writers may be asked to blog regularly or create articles for corporations to keep a target market.

Copywriters may also be entrusted with updating content, whether rewording internet articles, writing fresh content for website pages, or even filling up the space in new marketing materials. They ensure that consumers receive accurate information and that all content is clear, professional, informative, and enticing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a process of maintaining communication with current and prospective customers through electronic mail. Email marketing aims to increase sales, support other marketing efforts, and keep customers informed about company updates.

Developing effective email marketing campaigns can be a challenge for many businesses, so many choose to outsource this task to freelance professionals. If you're an experienced email marketer, there are plenty of opportunities for you in the freelance market.

Lead Generation

Generating leads is essential for any business, no matter its size. To generate leads, companies need to identify their target audience and understand what they're looking for.

Website contact forms can be valuable for generating leads. Going through the contact messages, choosing which may be pursued as client prospects, distinguishing those that need extra attention, and then pursuing the prospects is a time-consuming manual operation.

A freelancer can effortlessly go through the contact forms and contact the most prospective leads. They may also be responsible for direct messaging potential clients in the hopes to acquire them as a lead. 

Lead generation is a critical component of any business, and there are plenty of freelance professionals who are skilled in this area. If you're one of them, now is a great time to start freelancing.

Virtual Assistance

Many businesses are now beginning to realise the value of having a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is an individual who provides administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients from a remote location.

You would make an excellent virtual assistant if you're good at organisation and have excellent communication skills. There are plenty of opportunities for virtual assistants in the freelance market, and the demand for them is only going to grow in the years to come.


Many companies hire consultants for a set period to assist them in establishing a strategy or implementation plan that will enable them to achieve a specific goal or objective. A consultant's job is to offer expert advice and develop briefs and knowledge about what or why organisations should do to achieve specified objectives.

For creative freelancers with 5+ years of experience, consulting is a terrific opportunity to put their skills to use. Consultants are frequently employed because they have specialised knowledge that the company may lack. Another advantage of hiring a consultant is that, as an outside expert, they cannot have a conflict of interest while providing business recommendations.

Building Shopify Stores

Building a Shopify store is one of UpWork's top ten most in-demand skills for 2022. Learning to develop online stores for clients on Shopify is a lucrative talent that will allow you to maximise profits. You can earn a commission from Shopify when you refer a new customer to the platform, in addition to charging them for developing their online store.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers play an essential role since they can bring a company's marketing effort to life. A graphic designer may boost customers' appeal for businesses by creating attractive and engaging pictures that can be used on websites, social media, banners, flyers, newsletters, and more. Graphic design has never been more diverse in terms of aesthetics, movement features, and effects; therefore, the opportunities are unlimited.


Are you ready to start freelancing by marketing one of the most popular skills of 2022? Even if your current skill set doesn't match precisely with those on this list, don't worry. With a bit of creativity and some online help, you can easily become proficient in any (or all) of these skills. 

So, what do you need to start freelancing in graphic design? All you need is some talent, a computer, and an internet connection. And if you want to hone your design skills before taking on clients, Dzyn Space can help.

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