A colored grid

There are many ideas and potentially popular techniques to improve the world of graphic design in 2021, however the use of softened colour themes appears to be a major prospect that is sure to be seen throughout the design community in the near and distant future.

There are several aspects the use of softened colour themes can bring to a piece of graphic design, one of which is the added sense of calmness and security it carries. The soft colours allow the viewer to feel safe and remove any feelings of anxiety or worry they may have in that moment. This simple choice of colour can dramatically change the mood and feelings of the viewer towards the piece of graphic design and can ultimately lead to a large increase of viewers enjoyment of the piece. Although some viewers may take something like a sense of security in a design for granted, many will appreciate the personal touch from the creator and will even feel a connection between the viewer and the designer through the design. This is something that is difficult to produce and is extremely valuable in the world of graphic design.

The use of low saturation in the colours of a design can also be a beneficial element as it can help the designer to find the perfect balance between a piece that is vibrant and lively yet still subtle and easily taken in. The use of overly bright and saturated colours can be off putting for some viewers as they will feel the design is too eccentric and energetic for them. While it is important for a graphic design to convey personality, it does not necessarily need to dazzle its viewers. In many cases a more subtle design with low saturation in its colour scheme can add the perfect amount of life and individuality to a piece, while also not appearing dull or boring to any viewers.

Nowadays more and more people are seeing the beauty of reconnecting with nature and the use of softened colour schemes can work excellently in combination with this. The use of more natural and organic colours can consciously and subconsciously remind viewers of the elements of nature which they enjoy, and which bring happiness to their lives. This can be extremely beneficial for the success of a graphic design as many viewers will associate positive feelings with the design they are viewing and are therefore more likely to enjoy the design. Furthermore, when this design is representing a certain product or brand, they are more likely to purchase the product or even find out more about the brand involved.

As the use of softened colour schemes creates a sense of safety and security in a design, it can be an extremely effective tool in combining the world of graphic design with the world of health and mental wellbeing. Many healthcare and mental health brands will see this style of design as an incredibly suitable option for their brands as they will want their customers to feel as safe and comfortable as possible when purchasing and using their products or services. A person suffering from anxiety or a similar mental issue can truly appreciate the calmness and tranquility found in a design containing softened colour schemes and, in a world, where mental health problems appear to unfortunately be on the rise, this can be an incredibly beneficial option for healthcare and mental wellbeing brands. Furthermore, the use of softened colours rather than bright, vibrant colours are likely to appear more friendly and comfortable for those with more serious mental health issues and therefore these designs will be a more caring and empathetic option for these people.

In addition to this, the use of softened colour themes can help to make a graphic design appear as a type of shelter from chaos. Nowadays so many designs are filled with dazzling colours and bright, scintillating elements, which can be overwhelming for some viewers and ultimately deter them from certain designs and images. In contrast to this, the use of a design with more subtle, pleasant, and warm colours can be profusely more attractive to viewers as they will feel more comfortable and relaxed when viewing the piece. A truly exceptional piece of graphic design has the ability to make the viewer forget about any stresses and worries they may have in their lives at any given moment, and the use of softened colour themes gives a designer a much greater opportunity to achieve this ability.

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